TributeUpdated 13.09.2011

For the longest of times I've known about Netcat, I haven't used it too much. But when I did I loved it. One time comes to mind where I was going to take a backup of /home, the tar.gz was 13 gigs of size. Naturally any attempts at transferring it failed. Know what I did? On the recieving windows box I did nc -l 4242 > backup.tar.gz and on the linux box cat backup.tar.gz | nc 4242 Or the equivalent if my grey ones misfired.

When I got back from school, I had a 13 gig large backup of /home on my windows box and I could start my reinstallation of my server.

What I want with this site is to give back to the internet. Below you'll find links to my mirrors of the wonderful WINDOWS executables that is NetCat.